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Observations From The Road: The Three Week Syndrome

It is a variation of speed dating, with consulting, issue identification, problem solving and sometimes just listening as the objectives. It is consulting with leaders and members of chapters at a given campus for brief periods of time–usually thirty minutes, although I’ll take 45 if I can get them.  My rules are simple–honesty and candor trumpt diplomacy and euphemisms every time.  I won’t waste your time with “Kind of…sort of…kinda like…a tiny bit…a little bit” in recommending changes.  You do the same with me. If you want to debate hazing or tell me w
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  Articles & Thoughts I have had the privilege of writing a number of articles over the years for various publications and audiences.  I thought that you, my visitors to the website, might enjoy reading one or more of these articles. I have edited, updated and in some cases changed the focus of the articles.  Regardless, it is my hope that you find these of interest and of value in your endeavors in our sorority and fraternity world. “They did see it…” Soon after the opening of Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a group of visitors was given a bus tour of the sprawling complex.  As was the practice in those da
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Recruitment Excuses

Recruitment Is…No Excuses I had the privilege of speaking to presidents and recruitment chairmen of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in January of 2008 at the Delta Sigma Phi Summit meeting in Indianapolis.  My topic was, “73 Excuses That Should Never Be Used Again in Recruitment”.  I took some of those excuses from this article that was published several years ago. While this was written for men’s groups I have found that women’s groups may also fall into the practice of making excuses for a poor recruitment. Take every excuse you have heard about a poor recruitment effort—every one of them.  Write them down on a piec
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